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A proposal has been made to reinstate a dam in the middle Parapara River, to run water via a reinstated tunnel and new penstock to power a hydro-electric scheme at the Glengyle River confluence with the lower Parapara River (as shown in Figure 2 below). Fish & Game New Zealand were commissioned by the applicant to undertake a freshwater fisheries survey of the Parapara River in the vicinity of the site, to establish the fisheries values which might be affected by the scheme and to provide comment on the likely effects of the proposal on those fishery values. The river reach most affected by the proposal is between the dam and the Glengyle River confluence.

Figure 2 Map showing location of Parapara River in Golden Bay


The location of the Parapara River catchment with the main relevant features is shown in Figure 2. Two Fish & Game staff, together with the applicant, Department of Conservation staff and another consultant, visited the site on 10 June 2003. During daylight, the area was visited and fish populations sampled using a Kainga 300 backpack electric fishing machine. After nightfall, in the lower river only, spotlights were also used to survey fish.

Locations of sampling sites are shown in Figure 3. Samples were taken in the Parapara River below the dam (site 1); in the Parapara River upstream of the dam (site 2); in the wetland area on the true left upstream of the dam (site 3) and in the lower Parapara River below the Glengyle River confluence (site 4). No sampling was undertaken in the Glengyle, as this was unlikely to be affected by the proposal, while the Parapara upstream of the Glengyle confluence was inaccessible on the day of sampling due to

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