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Animal life

The number of birds in this area is limited. Fan tails (Rhipidura fuliginosa) are the only species regularly encountered with both dimorphic species present. Welcome Swallows are present in the area of the dam. During the course of seven site visits one South Island Tomtit (Petroica macrocephala macrocephala) was observed on the Glen Gyle Saddle. Bell Birds (Anthornis melanura) are present in low numbers however that may be as a result of the time of year of the site visits. A single Grey Warbler (Gerygone igata) was heard in the headwaters of the Glen Gyle. Various introduced bird species have been uncommonly encountered including House Sparrows and other finches.

A family of six small stature feral goats currently graze the TRHS of Richmond Flat. They have a large impact on the extensive Himalayan Honeysuckle in this area as an obvious preferred browsing choice. Goats do not appear to favour the TLHS of the Flat.

Small numbers of deer appear to be present identified only by recent tracks on the sand beaches on one occasion above the dam.

Feral Pigs
Pigs are present in large numbers throughout the area particularly where the soil depth is increased or the fertility is enhanced. Large areas of ground under established bush cover is turned over on a rotation basis and in many areas the ground is so worked over as to give the impression of being ploughed.

Old sluiced areas are popular as is the whole of the Glen Gyle catchment on the warmer western facing slopes. Effective management of pig numbers is required to enhance the regeneration and forest replacement by seedlings.

Rodents and Mustilids
No trapping has been undertaken at this date. Footprints of stoats have been identified in a mud depression at the head of Richmond Flat.

Marsupialsv Opossums are presumed present by the appearance of browsing to Fuscia and Rata in some areas. Recent poisoning may have reduced numbers.

Only three species of fish have been identified above the Richmond Flat dam within the river and in the small streams flowing across the Flat on the TLHS of the Parapara River. (See Deans N. 08.03, Appendix 4 for details.)

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