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5) Fish Pass to dam

There is no specific provision for the passage of fish over the dam crest at present and the fish species identified above the dam are those capable of transiting the face of the dam itself. Should provision for other species be deemed to be required a suitable structure can be designed and incorporated to take the residual water flow over the dam and thus provide a riffle system to facilitate passage by species with lesser climbing ability. Such an outcome could be viewed as mitigating the present impact of the dam structure.

Plate VII. Glen Gyle Catchment from Goldfields Road towards Red Hill at GR 809508 . Note stunted manuka pakahi vegetation in the foreground and abundant gorse flowering in the medium distance and in the Glen Gyle catchment.

Glen Gyle catchment

The landforms in this area are a result of extensive sluicing operations carried out by various mining operations from the 1860's through to 1930.

6) Access roading

In order to access the infrastructure required in this catchment a redevelopment of one or other of the legal roads which follow boundaries of land titles in the vicinity of the sluice holes on Appo's Flat is required. (See Fig 2 page 4) From the boundary with the Conservation Estate and Sec 1 SO 15248, the road is proposed to follow the existing alignment on the TLHS of the creek, which flows into the eastern of the sluice holes.

The existing track was used in the 1940's and 50's for the transport of serpentine material quarried from ultra mafic dykes in the Waingaro Schists on the eastern flanks of the Glen Gyle catchment after being transported across the catchment by aerial ropeway. This track is overgrown with gorse and manuka / kanuka of 30+ years of age.

A crossing of the Glen Gyle stream bed is required at GR 812507 by way of ford in a suitable position. From this point a road following the TRHS of the Creek downstream to the power house site at the junction of the Parapara and Glen Gyle is required generally following nearby to the edge of the Creek and crossing one tributary, over a distance of approximately 600 metres. This formation will be similar to that providing access to Richmond Flat with 3.5m of vehicle surface with watertables and culverts where appropriate, passing opportunities and vegetation clearance limited to one addition metre in width. Suitable aggregate material for the formation of this access is available immediately on site.

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