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With improvements to water tables, side drains and some culverts placed, the effects of surface water flows will be reduced and less sediment run-off can be expected. Improvement to the access will allow for wider public participation in the values of the goldfield area.

b) The general mitigation processes are envisaged to be as above except that the new section of road formation has a possible alternative in continuing with the existing 1970's alignment to Greenwood Creek, forming a ramp into the Parapara River bed and ford crossing to the TRHS, new roading across the flat at GR 811489 and a further crossing of the Parapara to access the TLHS above the dam. This alternative is not preferred as it involves two additional river crossings and associated breaches of the existing stable banks at four locations and the inability to access the headworks for maintenance purposes except at times of minimal river flow. In all cases culverts will be replaced where necessary and new culverts established at all existing watercourses and at no more than 100 metre intervals on all new roading.

The reconstructed roadway to Richmond Flat will facilitate public access to the recreational and educational opportunities at Richmond Flat which in turn provides walking access to the balance of the Parapara River catchment for hunting, hiking and historical purposes.

2) Dam rehabilitation

This comprises three aspects:

    1. Repairs to the dam crest
    2. Closing the dam diversion / drain pipes
    3. Possible reinstatement of the original valving system controlling the diversion pipes above.
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